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Develop a style that suits you

Any new home is a statement about those who live there. Most designs, particularly those from the urban range have a wide variety of facades applied to the same basic floor plans, each giving the home a completely different look. Some options to consider include:


Portico's can be in gable or hip styles, they can be of varied widths & can enter the roofline at different heights. To make a strong statement you could add a wide portico that pitches in high in the roof line. They can also make a beautiful feature with verandahs sweeping away from both sides. Porticos can be finished off with a wide variety of decorative finishes, including rendered or stack stone pillars, timber slats etc. 

Gables, hips, Dutch gables & eave overhangs

The main roofline of a building largely define the look of the home. By utilising gable, skillion, split gable or hip style roof options, you can transform a floorplan into a modern, traditional or country styled home. Roof pitch & ceiling height can also dramatically adjust the front facade of the home.  

Window treatments

The type, shape & style of window you choose can have a big influence on the finished look of your home. While we normally include double hung windows as standard to the front facade of our homes, you could also consider awning, triple hung or Age-craft windows (heavy framed aluminum windows moulded like timber), double brick feature surrounds (giving a deep shadowed effect) or even modern solid glazed panels.

Doors options

Front entry doors and the doors opening onto verandahs & alfresco areas are really important visual features of your home. We include glazed front doors as standard on all our homes, but a full range of designs options are available. You could consider single or twin sidelites, extra wide or double entry doors, multi-panel french doors, glazed bi-fold doors onto outdoor living spaces or even stacked sliding doors. The options are endless!

Roof pitch, verandah posts, mouldings & trimmings

We can adjust the ceiling height & roof pitch of some of the homes to suit the style you wish to achieve. A steeper pitch, higher ceilings & dropped verandah roof can give a beautiful country look. We can also add a variety of sizes & styles of verandah columns.

Brick, Rendered, Bagged, Colourbond or Hardiplank finish 

These modern finishes are available on many of our designs. We also do designs utilising very modern style mixed mediums, such as brick homes with rendered fronts or features, rendered/bagged homes with Hardiplank features or brick country styled homes with sandstone look corner quoining & window surround. Each of these options can really express you individuality!

As you can see, the range of possibilities to make your house unique is endless. For that reason, our architect has applied a look to each standard design that is balanced and classic-one that we feel suits the design best while keeping within budgetary constraints.  Many of the additional features and finishes add extra cost to the design, but can add enormously to the appeal and resale of the finished home.