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Carolyn & Michael R.
We have been delighted with the standard of service provided by Kerrin and the rest of your company!

About Us

On the surface home builders, kit & Modular home suppliers seem to offer similar products, the biggest difference being in their plans & prices. But unfortunately, many of the most important differences are hard to recognize until your home has been constructed or delivered. At Countrybuilt we have deliberately taken a different pathway. Our homes are, unashamedly, PREMIUM. The philosophy from our very beginnings was to supply and build a home that was unlike any other Built, Kit or Modular that didn't 'feel' like they stereotypically do.

So what are the key differences that make Countrybuilt stand out among the crowd?

Family owned and operated business

The family behind Countrybuilt have had over 20 years experience in the building industry. Our mission is to provide the best quality product with the best service available, at the most competitive price.


Superior Quality.

All our modular buildings are manufactured in our expansive facility. We are not governed by external factors, and the quality and time frames are consistent. The Modular buildings are all manufactured on a Heavy Duty Floor System. This is the heaviest system used in Australia, and is the most rigid in transport. We do things the best way, not necessarily the cheapest....but we do guarantee the lowest price for the quality that we provide.

Unique designs.

Our homes have many unique design features. Our Modular homes have steep roof pitches (due to our hydraulic height adjustable delivery system), built in verandahs (not on-site add on's) and come in many roof styles, from modern skillions to country gables. In many instances we can make design modifications to suit your application or lifestyle.

The most extensive list of standard inclusions.

Our aim at Countrybuilt has always been to design and fit-out each new building to the level we would expect if it was our own. Our list of standard inclusions is second to none. Examples include extremely high levels of insulation; steep roof pitch; upmarket kitchen with Polytec doors, soft closers and engineered bench tops; cement sheet bathroom lining and light fittings. Timber blinds & carpet are standard in our Modular buildings.There is no need to up-spec a Countrybuilt home!

Our framing system is simply the best available.

We include superior frames & trusses as standard. We use duty, welded steel frames & trusses on all our buildings that are non-flammable, noise free, rust & termite resistant. But that’s only half the story! Our frames are straight and strong, meaning gutter & ridge lines remain straight for the life of the home. Steel doesn’t shrink, split or warp so it is very rare that you will see any cracking in a heavyduty Countrybuilt framed home. A steel framed house really is built for life!

Customer service that is second to none.

We consider our quality control systems and after sales service to be one of the most important areas of our business. We have a quality assurance program that oversees every building & component pack. We then load & deliver it to you on purpose set up trucks. We can deliver our kits Australia wide, and our Modular buildings great distances. Our customer service consultants do our best care for your every need. We also have our own in-house building team who can assist you with any queries you may have throughout the installation or construction process.